EBSCO implements 金戒指 Identifier (for usage reports on e-resources)

EBSCO出版The First Aggregator to Implement 金戒指 Identifier


IPSWICH, Mass. 2009年12月1日 A new agreement between EBSCO出版 (EBSCO) and 金戒指 announces the implementation of the 金戒指 Institutional Identifier within EBSCO主机® databasessupplying the Identifier to publishers with their usage reports. By implementing the 金戒指 Identifier, EBSCO will be able to provide their publisher clients with accurate and timely reporting, and immediate integration of this information into their internal systems.

The 金戒指 Identifier uniquely identifies 155,000 institutional entities and is currently used 通过 over 40 academic publishers to organize their customer data, prepare quotations for licenses and deals, and also for market analysis. The 金戒指 Identifier is important in all areas of data exchange in the e-resources supply chain and the 国家标准信息组织 (NISO) supports a working group tasked with the goal of creating a national standard for institutional identification.

金戒指’市场营销,研究与开发副总裁Helen Henderson担任此NISO I2机构标识符工作组的顾问。她说,该小组正在建立电子资源发布,电子学习,机构存储库和图书馆管理系统中应用程序的标准。“In the absence of a formal standard, we have been encouraging publishers and other vendors to adopt the 金戒指 Identifier to allow accurate and efficient communication between the various players in the supply chain.”

EBSCO出版商发行人关系副总裁Melissa D’Amato says, “EBSCO is committed to providing our publisher partners with valuable customer usage reports. Offering the 金戒指 Identifier will allow our publisher partners to immediately integrate this information into their own internal systems, a process that until now was manual. This information will be available to publishers in their quarterly reports beginning in 2010.”

金戒指 works with other publisher services companies and consultants, including software and service providers such as 数据沙龙 (www.datasalon.com), Ingenta (www.ingenta.com) and 汤森路透 (www.thomsonreuters.com). EBSCO出版 provides nearly 300 full-text and secondary databases to libraries around the world.


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